Refoaming Beovox S55 woofers


It's obvious, these surrounds are suffering from 'foam rot' - the woofers are in desperate need of a refoam.


Remove the woofer from it's enclosure. In this case it can be hard, remove the front panel first.


From this picture it's clear again, foam rot in it's final state.


Do not forget to mark the terminals on the woofer. This way you will know how to connect the wires once you've finished the refoam.


The easy part: tear of the old ring. Tear of as much as you can. Beware for your clothes and your table!


Now the easy part is done, you have to clean the frame and the membrane.


Clean it with a knife. Scrape the debris of the woofer's membrane. Be careful not to damage the membrane. If you're in doubt whether you're applying to much force, you can support the back of the membrane with a big knife.


So, now it's clean. The membrane must be 100% clean. You can use alcohol to speed up the process of removing the old foam and glue.


I've glued the inner part of the new surround to the membrane. I've glued it right to the center using my eyes - I used a slow drying glue to have time to adjust! Now I use a small plate (sick!) with an apple to apply pressure. This way the glue will dry nicely!


A day later I glued the outside to the frame, this time using my eyes and 'feeling' with my hand. The woofer must run 'free' when I press it down. After gluing, I put a pan on top of the ring, applying pressure. On top of the pan is a pineapple for extra pressure......


When I remove the pan after 24 hours the new rings are attached to both frame and membrane. Ready to be installed again!


Here is the same woofer back in its cabinet.
And this is the speaker. Working again for 100%.