Dust-caps & other ascessoires  

Sometimer your dust-caps are damaged, your speaker-cloth is dirty or you couldn't remove your gaskets in the right way. Besides many speaker rings we can offer you

Dust Caps

We can provide you with several dustcaps. A selection........

Diameter Material  
24 MM Paper

30 MM Metal

36 MM Metal

37 MM Paper

38 MM Metal

40 MM Paper

55 MM Paper

55 MM Plastic

65 MM Paper

65 MM Paper

65 MM Paper

75 MM Paper

97 MM Paper

100 MM Paper


113 MM Paper

130 MM Paper

Special glue


Below, some paper caps......

Please use our special glue for dust-caps:


If you refoam your woofer and your woofer has a gasket it needs to be removed. If you damage the gasmet while working, we can offer you a replacement. It's recommended to fit a gasket if a gasket was orinally used! We can offer gesket for these woofers:

You glue the gasket with the same glue you use for the ring.

Here's a picture of a woofer with and without a gasket:

Speaker cloth

Speakercloth gets dirty, your cat makes holes and it turns gray after some time. Replacing the cloth will make your speakers look new again. We can offer our special cloth (black). On the picture there's a Bang en Olufsen Beovox C40 monitor with a now cloth. By the way: we repaired the woofer with one of our 4 inch rings!